Ten20 Gallery Plano, TX 02.05.2017

The purpose of this event was mainly to discuss the subject of one of my oil paintings, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach. I hosted this event with the intent of speaking with my community of friends, family, and strangers to share information on what we now know as "race" with what I have learned from reading the works of Blumenbach titled, "On The Natural Varieties Of Mankind". Held in the shotgun style gallery space on Ten20 Gallery in Plano, refreshments were served and the turnout was a full house! The majority of the 2 hour event consisted of a presentation from myself on who Blumenbach was and how his thoughts affect us today. Before the presentation I also included a brief, interactive exercise to determine the difference between fact and opinion, and the event ended with an open dialogue and Q&A.

The event was video recorded, but unfortunately the due to technical errors the sound was not recorded. I plan on hosting more talks like this one in the future, with a successful recording.  Stay tuned, thank you.