Behind the Brush

I'm currently working on a 20" x 24" commissioned portrait for Ken and his lovely wife, Malak! In this series of photos , I want to show what all goes into some of the work that I do.

A great reference photo is probably one of the most Important components to any piece of art I create. So, I asked Ken and Malak, if they would stop by the studio I work at to take a few pictures. I needed to recreate a photo that was sent to me, and that's how I decided to set up the lights, and subject the way that I did. After about an hour we had our shot, talked specifics, and I got to work!

 I'm staining the bare wooden board to add a color background, and seal the porous wood.

After the stain dried, I secured the hanging brackets on the back, reinforced the hanging wire, and then secured the wire to the brackets.

More pictures to come soon! Thanks for joining me in the creation of this piece!

JD MooreComment